Safety Tips while waiting

Safety Tips while waiting
for our Tow Truck Driver

We know that a car that has broke down and left you stranded on the side of the road is not a fun situation.  At Branson Tow Service – we have capable drivers that care.   call us now and we can most likely have someone there in 30 minutes.

Be it was a fender bender or a blown tire. Maybe your 12-volt battery died. Regardless, you are waiting on the side of the road, the tow truck can’t get there fast enough. In the meantime, consider these suggestions to help you prepare you for the roadside assistance that is on the way.

Keep Calm and prepare to be rescued by our towing service. 

1 Who’s coming?! When you talking to our dispatcher ask for the name of the towing technician that is on his way. Don’t just get out of the car when the first set of head lights pulls up behind you.  When the Driver comes up to your car ask for his name (if he/she doesn’t tell you first).   Be safe – you are already in a stressful situation.

2 Hazard Lights! Look for that button you never use – it usually had a red triangle on it – this will tip off traffic that you are there and usually traffic will drive away from you – Make yourself visible.

3 Move as far over as you can (safely)Once you are the side of the road – look at how far you can safely move over and try to move the car to that place.  Cars are moving Fast and you need to make it easier for them to miss you.   You will also be helping our tow truck driver in the towing process and give me a safer place you hook up your car to get you safely on your way.

4 Set up triangles or flares You might have these in your trunk and you feel like they are always taking up space – but NOW YOUR GLAD YOU HAVE THEM. If you have a set of the red reflective triangles set them up behind your car or truck, the first one eleven feet from the car and the next one about 28 feet. These bright shiny markers will make your situation more visible to the oncoming traffic and that help keep your unfortunate situation from becoming much worse.  It also makes it much easier for our tow truck driver to see where you are.

5 Get your personal stuff. While waiting for the tow truck driver – you have time to gather your belongings to bring with you as you ride in the tow truck.  You would hate to be halfway to the service station riding in the cab of our tow truck when you realize you left your phone in your car and you cant let your loved ones know that you are okay and help (Branson tow truckhas arrived.

6 If you must get out of your car… There you are – waiting for our Towing technician – You’re broke down on the freeway, and if you feel it’s safer in your car, trust your gut instincts and stay put and keep your seat belt on. If you’re right on the shoulder you need to get out, please leave your car through the passenger door so that you are a safe comfortable distance from oncoming traffic.

Be vigilant and be away of your surroundings while walking around your vehicle.  Disaster can happen in seconds.  Be careful.

Woman calling while tow truck picking up her car