You need Towing Service in Branson, MO.

Whether you are driving a car that is “past its prime” or something right of the dealer’s showroom floor – IT HAPPENS – cars can have an issue leaving you on the side of the road.   It usually happens when you are already running late or in some awful weather.  Regardless the weather our crew strives to get to you as quickly as possible and not only will tow your vehicle – but many times we can give you a ride to where you need to be.

Don’t let car trouble ruin your time in Branson and the surrounding areas.

Proudly Serving Branson, Branson West, Hollister, Ozark, Highlandville, Ridgedale, Kimberling City.

A Tow Truck in Branson is just minutes away!

Branson Towing and Repair offers reliable recovery services for those who are who are having a bad day – whether its an accident or your vehicle just broke down on the side of the road – we are here to put you at ease.  Our crew is on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will beat a path to your location with a reassuring smile to get your day back on track.

 At Branson Tow Service, our crew is standing by to offer the finest in Road Side Assistance.   We will work with you on the phone to determine your safety and your situation and get out to you with the proper equipment to get you on your way.  Our Crew has 100+ years experience (collectively) and we service these areas – Branson, Hollister Ozark, Republic, Ridgedale, Branson West, Kirbyville, Forsythe, and more.

Our State of the art of the equipment does the work and gets the job done – and the crew delivers personal service and attention to the care of your vehicle and your own personal safety.

We offer all forms of towing service to handle your situation

Flat Bed Towing

“Flatbed Towing” the safest way to transport your vehicle.  This is the ideal solution if you are in a wreck, and your vehicle is heavily damaged, but it is also available if you want to take the greatest care in getting your vehicle to our show or the service station of your choice.

Wheel-lift Towing

“Wheel-lift Towing” Safe and efficient to get your car to your preferred service center.  A Solid sturdy metal yoke – gently and securely raises the front end of your vehicle and tows it away.

Hook and Chain Towing

“Hook and Chain Towing” – if the vehicle is severely damaged we will wrap these chains around the axle of the frame of your car, we will have to make the call on site as this process can cause some damage to the vehicles finish.

We offer all forms of towing service to handle your situation

Jump Starts

The Good news is that you rarely need this on the side of the road – but you might be coming out of the store or from work – ready to go home and “click click click” – your car won’t start.   It could be you have a brand new car – but some little bug draws too much power when the car isn’t running and you are STRANDED.  Our tow trucks can get any vehicle started again – and if they can’t – they can tow you to where you can get a new battery.


Why would you need our WINCH OUT service.   This is when you need us to PULL your car, Truck, or RV from an off road area that is not accessible by simply backing our tow truck to the front of the vehicle.   You could be stuck in Mud, Sand, Snow, or the Ice (yes we get snow and Ice storms in Branson and the Ozark Mountains area.      When you call us – please see if you can take a picture of your situation with your phone and send it to us – we will make a call at the office the most qualified member of our team to send out and get you back on solid land and back on the road.

Fuel and other fluid delivery

We are not just towing in Branson, sometimes you don’t need your car extracted from a ditch or loaded on a Flatbed truck, your tire repaired or your battery jumped.  You need Fuel.    We are Tow Truck Branson are there when you need almost any kind of essential fluid to get your car back on the road.

Road Side Tire Service

“Do you hear that?!”    thump, thump, thump.   The car starts to shake and you want to stop the car NOW!   Try safely slow down and pull your car over to the next safest spot.     Your Tire is either flat or worse you have completely blown it out.   Do not drive on the flat or blown tire – you will damage your wheel and your repairs just tripled in price.   More than likely – you don’t want to change that tire your self.   Take some time – wait for us and we will get it done right.  How did this happen?  Maybe your tire is under-inflated or already has bad treads then just add Nails, shattered Glass or other sharp debris on the road and your tire is DONE.  We could tow you to where you can get a new tire, change out your tire for your spare OR we might be able to plug the hole in your tire on the spot.

Locked Out? - Key Retrieval Service

CLICK!  And just then you get sick to your stomach – because you just realize YOU LOCKED YOUR KEY in your car.   Maybe you left it in the ignition while you were gassing up at the fuel station or they dropped into your trunk as you were putting groceries away and you closed the trunk.   We can get there quickly and retrieve your car key when we POP the LOCK.
First – we are here to help you get back into your car.   Secondly – we know that some “crooks” out there – will try to hire a dumb wrecker or tow truck driver to help them into “their car” that really isn’t their car.  Our crew members have a process of due diligence to verify that the car belongs to you – and that we are NOT adding and abetting a would be criminal.